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Hi, I am Fleppy, the owner of the FlepHouse. As a creator, I aspire to design products that strike a perfect balance between gameplay and erotic elements, crafting games that not only satisfy adult desires but also offer engaging and well-crafted experiences that are sure to entertain.

You'll find more than just static images and repetitive narratives here. I always aim to add features that I myself find to be the most engaging, like: Beautiful Art, Animated Sex Scenes, Fully Voiced Dialogue, Well Written Characters, Interesting Narratives, and Gameplay that's fun, but not too demanding. [Especially when I'm using one hand to play.]

About The FlepHouse

Join the Flephouse server and receive updates and news posts about my most recent projects directly in chat! Connect your Patreon or SubscribeStar accounts and gain special rewards and roles only found on discord!


Check out new development posts of my latest projects every week! Grabby Lust Ghost! - Coming soon! 


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