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Extra Gameplay Details for Grabby Lust Ghost.

Welcome to another Monday thingy!

I've been super busy this week so I'm making a smaller post just going over a few extra details about Grabby Lust Ghost and the way this game is played.

As cool as the boobies and other bits are, I'm really excited about how the gameplay is shaping up to be....

[Keep in mind, this game is still in development and changes may happen before the final product is published.]

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Grabby Lust Ghost is a rogue-like deck builder with an emphasis on enemy movement.

The playing board is where all the action take place. Enemies can either move clockwise or counter-clockwise on the board, with each movement having it's own impact on combat.

[Keep in mind, all screenshots are taken from an unfinished version of the game, some changes may happen on release.]

If you take a look at the screenshot above, the little blue blob guy currently on the board is called a Wispy. (Monsters like the Wispy are commonly harder or impossible to seduce)

Every turn you are allowed to play 1 card against your enemy and in each turn your enemy will either move forwards or backwards unless the card you're playing says otherwise.

Turns in this game are played rapidly, with you playing the first card and the enemy immediately reacting with their own card. (You'll always be able to tell what the enemy is about to play in the top left side of the screen.)

Strategy is important with each card you decide to play, since you can use two different types of attacks against your enemies, with one affecting their overall health, and the other affecting their attraction towards you.

If the enemy has been seduced enough they can be convinced to enter Ella's house when they get close enough to the front door, allowing you to replenish lost energy and gain extra rewards.

In the example above, seductive attacks are not very effective against Wispys , meaning damage attacks must be used in order to effectively defeat it. With each enemy encounter you'll have to consider whether seductive attacks or damaging attacks are more in your favor.

Human enemies like the Exorcisty are much easier to Seduce. In some cases you might want to damage their health and kill them, depending on the cards that are in play, but in most cases Humans are always easier to confront with seductive tactics.

Monster enemies like the Spidey and the Wispy are much easier to damage and kill. With most enemies though it's up to you to decide what is best when dealing with these encounters. Some monsters CAN be seduced.

Every movement the enemy makes should be taken into consideration as some effects can only be activated when the enemy moves closer to or further away from Ella's house.

Buffs for example will only activate when the enemy moves to a new space.

  • BLEED- Will cause enemies to take damage every time they move 1 space. (Forwards or Backwards)

  • LUST- Will cause enemies to gain more seduction towards you every time they move 1 space. (Forwards or Backwards)

  • and so on...

Some BUFFS can even enhance your chances when you're attempting to successfully activate much more powerful abilities, such as Magic Cards or Dodges.

Magic cards for example must be rolled in order to activate, if you fail the dice roll, these cards will not enter play during your turn and in some cases they may even have negative drawbacks when they fail to activate.

These powerful Magic cards can only be played if you have enough BBQ too, making their use very taxing but also very rewarding if you manage to successfully play them.

[Top right shows your health, BBQ, & Monies.]

There's a lot more to cover regarding this game and it's mechanics, but I'm only going to be sharing little bits a pieces, so for now that's going to be about it.

Just to remind everyone!

-Grabby Lust Ghost [formerly Humpscare House] is still in development. It will be released on Itchio, so make sure to check back here or any of my other socials for updates on when the game can be either be purchased or played.

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I'm going to be busy for the next few weeks but I will still be adding new updates/ posts like this one every Monday.

Check back every Monday for new posts like this one.

~ Fleppyflepster


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