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"Grabby Lust Ghost" Name Change & Dev Process

Welcome to another little Dev-log type post. I'm just showing off some of the early concept art for Humpscare Mansion and explaining the name change I wanted to make for this project. SO LETS GET INTO IT.

While working on Beauties of Blackfall I thought it might be a good idea to dip my toes into another idea, especially since I was struggling to make a few mechanics really work.

So I imagined a card game being pretty easy to put together, especially so I can test a few mechanical ideas I've had for Beauties.

Instead of using a familiar character, I thought it might be interesting to explore an entirely new story.

"Nimmy" the Succubus was to star in this little project.

The concept was pretty simple, you play as Nimmy, and you have to lure men into your cave so you can sex them up and feed yourself.

You're unable to leave the cave so you have to rely on your trickery and seduction skills to make the men come to you.

By playing cards Nimmy could use different tactics to convince her targets to enter her cave, but once they enter, they're done for.

So all the ideas were put into place, I had my main character designed, I had my game play roughly planned out, and it was time to start building!

Designing this character was pretty fun, even though she was never used in the end. I had some great feedback from members of my discord on what she should look like.

If you're unaware how projects and games are usually built, they can sometimes go through a lot of changes within the planning stage before coming to the final product. So at this point I was still calling the game "Nimmy's Cave" before I decided to scrap Nimmy as a character entirely and feature another character instead.

While I was putting together the foundation for this game I started to get a little bored with Nimmy and the cave idea, I liked the gameplay but I just couldn't help myself as I started drawing Ella again. Ella is always fun to draw and since she's kind of the "mascot" poster child of my work, I ended up placing her within the main role instead.

I kept the mechanics, and everything I had already built, but I changed the name, placed Ella in the main spot, and now we have "Ella The Ghost & The House of Humpscares".

The idea was identical but now you play as Ella The Ghost, instead of Nimmy The Succubus, and instead of luring people into a cave, you lure people into a spooky little house.

It's at this point we reach the current state of this project.

[Unfinished gameplay screenshot]

With the most recent developments in this project I have had to make a big change and replace the game's title with something else.

It was a little too similar to another project's name and it also wasn't "safe" enough if that sounds surprising.

Considering how engaging the gameplay has become, I wanted to make an optional version of the game that censors all the adult parts. It's mainly for those who are interested in just playing the game casually, and not so interested in watching or seeing pornographic content. I plan on building the adult version first, and then building the optional censored version later.

Ella The Ghost & The House of Humpscares is now called "Grabby Lust Ghost".

It might be an odd title but it's something that I think a more casual audience would be willing to play, especially if it doesn't feature the word "Humpscare" in it.

With all that being said, I think that's about it for this week.

Grabby Lust Ghost [formerly Humpscare House] is still in development. It will be released on Itchio, so make sure to check back here or any of my other socials for updates on when the game can be either be purchased or played.

Follow over on Itch.

Gameplay seems fun right now but I need some play testers from the discord to check it out so keep that in mind!

An official release for Steam is still up in the air for the time being but it's very likely I will push for the game's release on Steam, especially once things are closer to being finished.

Check back every Monday for new posts like this one.

~ Fleppyflepster


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