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Happy New Years, Christmas, Holidays & All That.

Thankyou for your patience everyone. I've missed the last 2 updates because I've been on an unexpected break this December. I had to step back to regain some of my sanity. 

Lets keep things up to date, here's what I have planned, and here's what I have in the works. Release dates are super scrambled right now so I'll have to figure out when and where these updates will happen so bare with me! 

What's on the Schedule? 

#1: REMINDER- Last Update For Runtime Fee 

As I mentioned before, Runtime Fee may or may not receive updates in the future but for now, I added one last update: Fullscreen & Resolution Setting plus a few additional changes. Consider this little game complete as of right now, and lets focus on my other projects I have in store.

#2: Fixing Grabby Lust Ghost Bugs

I've had to take numerous breaks before I end up pulling out all my hair, but I've made some progress on a number of issues with Grabby Lust Ghost. Once I get a few testers to play the latest version I'll be setting a new release date for the public build everyone can play. The headaches have been boundless but we'll get there  soon enough.

#3: Finally Releasing More Beauties of Blackfall Content

As new updates release for Grabby Lust Ghost we'll be chugging more along into the development of Beauties. I've struggled to find extra hands to help with this game but it may become a priority to see it in full operation, funding is always the biggest issue but I'll continue to try and make things work for the time being.

#4: Reuploading Halloween With Ella 2018+

Halloween with Ella downloads are still shut down for the time being. Since this project is a little smaller and less of a priority for me, I'll be looking at this something later. I might need to rebuild this project as it didn't take too long in the first place to get started, it just hasn't been downloading properly for whatever reason I still haven't discovered.

#5: Future Projects

Things are always moving behind the scenes in the Flep office even if it doesn't appear so. Just keep an eye out for new updates, there may be some shiny stuff in them. 

Again I'd like to thank everyone for being patient and awesome.  All the kind words and support is always a major driving force for me, no matter how difficult some of the work becomes. 

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season. 


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