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Killer Clown of Love: Cookie The Clown

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Hey! Another Monday, another post!

Today I'm gonna be discussing some characters traits of the killer clown from Beauties of Blackfall: Cookie, and also sharing some random updates.

Beauties of Blackfall Character Dive...

COOKIE THE CLOWN: Who is Hailey?

KINKS: Femdom, Yandere/ Obsessive, Crazy Girlfriend, Crazy Wife, Kidnapping, Jealousy, Rough Sex, Male Bondage, Clown.

[Requested during Saturday's art suggestions]

Out of the entire cast of Beauties, Cookie is one of the only traditional "human" characters (other than Sandra), and even though she's not exactly undead or cursed by the blight of Blackfall's dark magic, she's arguably the most dangerous member of the Blackfall household, if you can even call her a "member".

[Some old lore snippets]

After running into some trouble with the law, Hailey made her escape to the dark woodlands of Blackfall, taking residence within the sewers.

Those who are aware of Cookie's presence down in the sewer system choose to avoid her at all costs if they can.

Other than Ella who occasionally comes to spy on other residents, Cookie does not interact with other women, especially those she considers to be prettier than her.

She holds a deep rage for anyone who might be capable of stealing men away from her.

[Requested during Saturday's art suggestions]

[Character designs for Cookie]

Notes on Designing Cookie: Cookie as a concept came later after I designed the initial 6 Beauties I wanted to include in the story.

I was attempting to keep the main cast light but I kept on having more ideas surge through my brain, especially the idea of a sexy killer clown lady.

I was either about to remove a character to add a clown or turn one of the current 6 into a clown but I ultimately decided to just add more characters with Cookie included.

Cookie and Layla the Imp queen were actually meant to appear as super secret characters, but with the way Beauties has been built they align a little more with the main cast.

Thats about it I'm willing to share about Cookie for the time being.

If you like these kind of details and design discussions about the character's I've made fro Beauties of Blackfall you can get your hands on the Digital Art Book in the $15 on Patreon or SubscribeStar.

The release date of the Artbook is pending but it will be soon after the official release of Beauties of Blackfall so stay tuned!

[Choose an Ella to change your type of play WIP not official yet]

Grabby Lust ghost is getting closer but I've been super busy the last 2 weeks so I haven't been able to make too much progress lately, just putting together what I can when I can.

I'm particularly fond of Goth Girlfriend Ella and Office Lady Ella's art.

[Some other boring nerdy stuff, here are some UI changes]


[Sometimes I just doodle random characters so heres 2 glasses ladies. I think they're sisters.]

That's about it for now!

I'll see all of the $20 Substars and Patreons in the private discord on Saturday & and I'll see everyone else next Monday!

Thanks for stopping by!

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~ Fleppyflepster


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