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[LATE] Post! Who's my Favorite Beauty?

Hello welcome back to another small update! I had some unexpected stuff come up in my schedule so I had to push this post back a bit... BUT WE ARE HERE NOW!

I've had a few people ask me who my favorite character from Beauties of Blackfall is, and Ella is the obvious choice, but in reality I do have a different character that I might consider my favorite. So in this little post I'm gonna discuss...

WILLOW THE DOLL: Wholesome babes who are hot.

KINKS: Submissive, Soft, Toy/ Object Play, Doll/ Mannequin, Wholesome Lewd, Wife Material.

Willow is an interesting character among the rest of the cast. She's actually the only Beauty who's technically not alive, dead, or undead, she's something entirely different.

She was once Mimi's play-toy when she was just a child, a gift from her mother (Sandra).

Willow was given sentience after Sandra forged a mysterious "Un-Ending" music box and imbued it with the power of an ancient text known as a "Personification Scroll". Combining the music box and the scroll, all one would have to do is wind the music box and let it's music play indefinitely in order to bring Willow to life! If the music shuts off however, Willow would cease to exist and crumble back to the floor as a lifeless toy.

Capturing her daughter's imagination inside the music that played from her box, Sandra was successfully able to recreate Mimi's imagined version of who she believed her doll to be, and the result was the kind-hearted Willow we know today.

Without a good imagination, Personification scrolls are only capable of creating random personalities out of inanimate objects for a short period of time.

[Some old lore snippets]

Sandra intended to surprise her daughter with a brand new living toy but upon interaction, the doll failed to respond to Sandra's commands. She believed she failed, but in reality the doll was actually too shy to communicate and waited for the woman to leave before she began moving and exploring her new found intelligence.

Willow now spends her time locked inside the toy room because she's too shy to interact with other people in the Blackfall mansion.

[Character designs for Willow]

Willow also appears to talk directly to other toys and inanimate objects, but it's unclear if she's actually interacting with other personalities somehow or if she's simply imagining them.

Besides all the butt-stuff and booby-stuff, with just a few of the details I can share here, I think you can understand why she's possibly my favorite character in the game. There's a lot of concepts to explore with her personality, and her interactions with the other characters in the story.

There's A LOT of spoilers with this character that I cannot share here, so I'll let you imagine what I have in store for Willow The Doll and her struggles as a living... non living... not undead... thing.


[Request: Ella dressed as a Nun]

That's about it for now!

I'll see all of the $20 Substars and Patreons in the private discord on Saturday & and I'll see everyone else next Monday!

Thanks for stopping by!

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~ Fleppyflepster


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