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Mommy Sandra's Final (Final) Design

Welcome to another MONDAY UPDATE.

The Beauties have been through quite a few visual changes over Blackfall's development and they will be receiving one last big visual overhaul to match the current style of the game. Every character has retained most if not all of their visual features from past designs but they have now been designed to fit the more final stages of the Game's official look.

Uncensored Lewdies will be made available over on Patreon and Subscribestar and posts will now be starting every Tuesday.

So if you happen to be part of my Subscribestar or Patreon, make sure you tune in every Tuesday to see what new exclusive drawings and news I have to share.

More art has also been added to the art galler!

[Request: 2B from Neir]

[Request: Ella about to do some horrible things to a group of scared men]

That's about it for now!

I'll see all of the $20 Substars and Patreons in the private discord on Saturday & and I'll see everyone else next Monday!

Thanks for stopping by!

[Check for new Substar and Patreon Posts every Tuesday!]

CONTACT ME if you have any questions!

My Discord Name: Fleppyflepster#9369

Check back every Monday for new posts like this one.

~ Fleppyflepster


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