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MONDAY NEWS- The Latest Flepgenda

What to look forward to in the coming future.

-Ella The Ghost & The House of Humpscares [RELEASE DATE: TBA]

Humpscare House will release before Beauties of Blackfall as much smaller project for everyone to enjoy. I am not sure on pricing, whether the game will be totally free, or who will have access to it on release but keep your eyes peeled for news and updates.

-Beauties of Blackfall [RELEASE DATE: TBA]

Each area in Beauties of Blackfall is being reconstructed in 3D and some gameplay mechanics are being tested before I can really begin to declare an official release date.

As of now I'm going to begin making small updates each week. Every Monday I will share a little bit of work/ news and art. Some posts may be larger than others. Tune in every Monday to see what I got going on.

Thankyou for reading! See you NEXT MONDAY!


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