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Monday Update! [With Gobbos]

Smol like this goblin.

[Request: Gobbo]

[Request: Rogue The Bat]


I've still been experimenting with a few ideas I wanted to introduce to Beauties of Blackfall to make it a more fleshed out version of my original idea. Since there's still quite a lot of ideas that aren't set in stone I can't necessarily share everything I'm working on while I go through the trial and error process of deciding which ideas I want to keep in the game.

[Other sketches for Sandra, Willow, and Emma]

For those of you who have been here for awhile you may know how long this idea has been in the works. I've had quite a few prototypes that I later scrapped because of several design issues I saw about the project, so there's been more than a few times where I had a playable tech-demo that I just wasn't happy with that never saw the light of day. At least one iteration has been released but I later took it down. Not having a demo for such a long time has been a bit of a detriment to the game's overall support but I want to have a better representation for the what the game is supposed to be rather than an outdated version that looks nothing like it does right now.

Earliest Concepts & Visual Overhaul 1

In the earliest stages I had a rough idea of what I wanted the main character to look like. I had already known Ella was going to play a role in the game and I knew Sandra was also the owner of the house but I had not come up with her name yet. She was simply the "Necromancer Milf" in my notes. The first visual overhaul wasn't too big but back then I was using Game Maker Studio before I switched over to Unity. Lighting and some graphical effects needed to be changed and fleshed out since everything was kind of blank at this point.

Visual Overhaul 2

Visual overhaul 2 was when I finally switched to Unity. I was just learning how to use the program so I was starting with the very basics. I had the idea of wanting to simulate a kind of "Paper Mario" art style but I didn't know how to make 3D levels, so instead I just went with something like this. The lighting was immediately much more noticeable switching to Unity and I felt much more comfortable putting everything together in Unity's engine.

I added a few more characters after Ella and Sandra, but I just had rough ideas. I wanted a Werewolf, a Zombie, and a Haunted Doll to be in my game. I had a list of other ideas but these were the main ones I was set on designing and fleshing out.

Visual Overhaul 3

Something about the game felt off so I decided to update the visuals again.

I had most of the cast already decided now, I had a decent idea of what the story of the game was and what was supposed to happen in the end, and it this point I was pretty confident about this version of the game. I thought the main character's design was better, I thought all the main ladies were looking good, and the simple gameplay was decent enough... but again I thought something was off. I kept imagining the "paper" style I wanted to make originally and I kind of felt like I was fucking up for not following that original design choice. I would have gladly continued with this visual style but I had better ideas, and I felt like I was being lazy for not trying to recreate exactly what I was imagining from the start.

Visual Overhaul 4

So I went back and overhauled the visuals AGAIN, but this time I would try to make it feel more... papery, like my original idea. Only problem was, I couldn't make 3D environments. I knew I wanted the characters to be 2D with a 3D environment but I didn't have the skills to create anything in 3D, and to me if felt like it just wasn't an option. So I drew the environments all in 2D, which was fine, but eventually I started to run into some technical and visual issues that I struggled to work with. At this point I felt like I was locked in, so I was going to continue and release a demo as soon as I could with this new visual design, but I struggled a lot with this version. Drawing some of the levels was just too difficult and it felt impossible to create some of my ideas with the restrictions I had.

The story at this stage was fleshed out, the characters and their backstories have all been put into place and I had a complete schedule of what I wanted to finish, but every time I came back to this version of the game I just felt like something wasn't right. I was trying to rush to the finish because it felt like it had been too long since I first announced the game. Even though I had it in the back of my mind, I wasn't going to go back and redo the whole project AGAIN just because I had problems with the current state of development.

but then I said FUCK IT...

Regardless of what happens I'm going to sit down and teach myself how to make 3D levels and design the game as closely as I can to what I imagine it to be.

Visual Overhaul 5 - (Current Day)

I went balls deep and taught myself 3D, something I never imagined I could achieve when I first began my work on Beauties of Blackfall.

2D characters in a 3D environment, exactly what I wanted, and now I'm capable of building it!

So, as for demos, tech-demos and future playable version of Beauties, they will look much more like this moving forward.

Working on Grabby Lust Ghost has given me insight into how to build some of my ideas I've had for Beauties for a long time and in turn, some of the ideas I have put together for Beauties have also inspired a few ideas for Grabby Lust. With both games being put together at the same time I've been having an easier time fleshing out how to build them.

That's about it for now!

I'll see all of the $20 Substars and Patreons in the private discord on Saturday & and I'll see everyone else next Monday!

Thanks for stopping by!

CONTACT ME if you have any questions!

My Discord Name: Fleppyflepster#9369

Check back every Monday for new posts like this one.

~ Fleppyflepster


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