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More Details on The House of Humpscares

[Unfinished Gameplay Screenshots]

House of Humpscares is my side project I have been working on while developing Beauties of Blackfall. It started as a way to learn some new things and get comfortable putting together a full project but I liked the concept enough to continue it's development and ultimately release it (SOON).

I made the decision to start this second project while I was struggling to put together solid ideas in Beauties of Blackfall, so a card game made the most sense to me as it was easier to build while utilizing some of the same tools found in Beauties.

[A peak into the stuff you can't see behind the scenes!]

(Itchio page description.)

"Take on the role of Ella, help her defeat spooky monsters, and seduce powerful foes before she suffers the horrible decay of Spectral Hunger. -All ghosts suffer an incessant hunger that can only be quenched by feeding on the souls of the living. Without soul energy, Ella will suffer a slow and painful fate known as “spectral decay”. Drain their ectoplasm & unlock new methods of feeding. -The most potent ectoplasm comes from the groin. Once you've seduced and captured your prey, Ella can preform a number of different actions to effectively drain them of all they're worth! By combining resources, Ella can even make new cards to help her spice up her feeding rituals. Make sure you test out lots of combinations. You never know what you might unlock next! Rogue-Elements -Help Ella survive as long as she can! Every run is randomized with new enemy encounters and new items drops, allowing you to collect stronger ability cards, and powerful new upgrades. Color Strategy Board Game -Once you begin a run, every spot on the playing board is randomized with new colors, allowing you to make use of your abilities in unique ways."

If you've ever played Slay The Spire or similar deck builders then you'll be familiar with some of the mechanics in this project.

Much like Slay The Spire you use a deck of cards to face off against different types of enemies, but the gameplay revolves more around enemy movement as they move a long a simple board.

Most cards you play move an enemy 1 space closer to Ella's house, and if they happen to reach her house in the right condition, she can take advantage of their weakened state and have some fun!

Some enemies can be seduced and some have to be destroyed or evaded in order to survive, so you have a few different choices when it comes to combat.

I wont go into too much detail on all the gameplay mechanics here but that's just a little info on what to expect.

[A variety of enemies that can be encountered]

My main goal when it comes to combat is to make things very quick. I want every action to be played out as fast as possible so there's no delay getting to the good stuff. Cards are played instantly, choices are resolved immediately, and actions play out in a way that feels snappy and to the point.

Ella The Ghost & The House of Humpscares is still in development!

House of Humpscares will be released on Itch I have no plans to release on Steam just yet.

An official release date is still up in the air. I'm really bad at making estimations so I'm not gonna throw out any guesses, but keep your eyes open... could be soon...

That's it for now. I will return soon with more.

Check back every Monday for new posts like this one.

~ Fleppyflepster

BONUS ART- Some scrapped lewds for House of Humpscares.



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