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The Enemies of Grabby Lust Ghost

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Hello, and welcome to a new short post!

I've been busy working on all the new changes I have been making for the new year. I'm attempting to recapture the consistency I used to have a few years ago with more posts and more updates, even if its something small.

I have no intention of discontinuing any of my work on my games or my ideas, unless I die or permanently lose my connection to the internet so Id like to keep everyone aware that I'm always working on things!

In today's post I'll just be discussing some more details about Grabby Lust Ghost's enemy types.

As I have described in the past, Grabby Lust Ghost is a game about balancing physical attacks and seductive attacks.

Seductive attacks allow you to seduce enemies instead of killing them, and in most cases its always better to try and seduce your opponent since you gain more rewards and replenish health from successfully doing so.

But in certain cases you may have to resort to taking your opponent out with physical combat, especially in cases when an enemy cannot be seduced.

The Scaredy

Fuckable: Yes, you can fuck the Scaredy.

-These guys are pretty easy targets, easy to kill, and even easier to seduce. You should have no trouble sucking the life out of them!

The Ragey

Fuckable: Yes!

-These guys are usually pretty pissed off about something. It's hard to tell what exactly, but when they get mad they tend to hit pretty hard.

The Exorcisty

Fuckable: Yes!

-Powerful servants of the lord! They're faith allows them to resist many persuasive and perverted tactics you might throw at them.

The Wispy

Fuckable: No.

-Sad and Weak little spirits who like to hurt other spirits. They cannot be seduced so it's best to just destroy them and move on as fast as you can!

The Stabby

Fuckable: Yes!

-It's a crazy little dude with a sharp little knife. They excel at making things bleed, a lot.

The Wizzy

Fuckable: Yes, Indeed!

-Defeat the Wizard and he will offer you some incredible prizes! Also, watch out for his magic powers, he can be pretty dangerous!

The BBQ Buddy

Fuckable: Sadly, no.

-If you can catch one of these guys he will permanently increase you maximum BBQ charges for the rest of your run! Don't let him get away!

The Slimy

Fuckable: No.

-Puddles of slime. Much more dangerous than they appear, and once they're defeated they can drop many different rewards!

I would share more enemies but I don't wont to spoil all of the game's content in one post. so that's about it for this week!

I'm getting closer to figuring out a release window for Grabby Lust Ghost but there's still a few more checks and balances I need to figure out until then.

Anyways BUH BYE for now.

CONTACT ME if you have any questions!

My Discord Name: Fleppyflepster#9369

Check back every Monday for new posts like this one.

~ Fleppyflepster


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