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Tuesday Newsday- 4 /25/ 2023

Results are in and Cutie Maid has won the poll!

Costume #1: Goth

Costume #2: Cutie Maid

Costume #3: ???

More progress on Grabby Lust Ghost, now includes a little shop area where you can buy some ingredients for Ella's devious recipes!


The rest of the news for this week can be found on Patreon and Substar.

I also wanted to quickly let everyone know! Some weekly updates may have info that can only be found on Patreon and Substar, if it includes nudity or spoilers that are part of my bigger projects then it will probably be up on one of those sites at the lowest tier available.

That's about it for now, thanks for stopping by!

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CONTACT ME if you have any questions!

My Discord Name: Fleppyflepster#9369

Check back every Tuesday for new posts like this one.

~ Fleppyflepster


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