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Changes & Delays

Small update this week! 

Tuesdays will continue like normal with a post every week.

Sadly, monthly support has dropped quite a bit so I will need to put off working on all my personal projects like Grabby Lust Ghost and Beauties of Blackfall to keep my income stable. 

This doesn't mean I will not be posting on Tuesdays anymore, it just means the content will be less focused around updates on the games and more around other art I'm working on. Once things have stabilized Ill be releasing more Grabby Lust Ghost and Beauties of Blackfall content. 


1. Posts will still be every Tuesday. 

2. Grabby Lust Ghost and other projects are on hold until my income is stabilized again. 

3. Other art and stuff will still be posted every week so keep a look out for new things. 


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