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Small News Day- Fixing Lots of Things

Grabby Lust Ghost Fixes

I got lots of bugs and other annoying things I'm trying to fix in Grabby Lust Ghost. I do not have an estimated time on when things will be fixed but I'm trying my best.

Halloween With Ella Downloads Disabled [For Now]

Halloween with Ella is also randomly broken for some reason and I have no idea where the problem is, so I'll be trying to fix this as well. Downloads have been disabled for the time being.

Runtime Fee Updates and Downloads Still Operational!

The good news is Runtime Fee is still working! And the new full screen and resolution settings are all operational. After receiving some feedback from this little project I have a better idea of what to include in future projects.

News and updates may be short for the time being while I make a lot of fixes, so I thankyou and appreciate your patience!

That's about it for now, thanks for stopping by!

CONTACT ME if you have any questions!

My Discord Name: Fleppyflepster#9369

Check back every Tuesday for new posts like this one.

~ Fleppyflepster


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