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Small Runtime Fee Update V1.1

Runtime Fee has been updated with some small tweaks and fixes plus new options for Fullscreen and Resolution settings. 

V1.1 Patch Notes- 

  • Added Fullscreen and Resolution options in the settings menu. 

  • Fixed a bug that would play audio twice in certain moments of the dialogue scene. 

  • Fixed a bug that muted all audio when relaunching the game after playing it for the first time. 

  • Fixed some graphical blur of a few sprites and animations. 


As of right now I do not intend on adding anymore content to Runtime Fee, this game was simply a way for me to test how publishing works on I have many other ideas and bigger projects in the works that I plan on releasing to the platform. This does not mean future content will ever be released for Runtime Fee, but it is not my main focus at the moment. 

As for near future plans and bigger ideas. I've been developing some interesting [and lewd] concepts that I hope everyone will enjoy! 

That's about it for now, thanks for stopping by!

CONTACT ME if you have any questions!

My Discord Name: Fleppyflepster#9369

Check back every Tuesday for new posts like this one.

~ Fleppyflepster


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