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Small Weekly Update- Come Sit By The Fire...

and lets laugh at some of the mistakes I've made so far while learning how to make big tiddy ghost games:

 Things I learned about making games so far... #1: Nothing. Jokes aside one thing I wanted to address on this bingo card soon is "MY GAME IS A BIG SECRET!" Unintentionally I've kind of made the development of Beauties of Blackfall a secret, mainly because, rather than blowing my load and sharing a bunch of HUGE ambitious ideas, I wanted to make sure I could actually adapt those ambitious ideas into something playable first. So there's been A LOT of off screen game testing and training of my skills. Grabby Lust Ghost has been more of an ON screen showcase of me learning how to do things, and it's definitely helped me regain way more confidence on certain parts of all my projects. Stay tuned, I'm cooking.

That's about it for now, thanks for stopping by!

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