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Tuesday Newsday [A Spooky Cabin?] - 6 /20/ 2023

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Welcome back to another Tuesday Newsday Update! Just got a few pieces of news this week.

Grabby Lust's and Steam page have started construction.

Grabby Lust Ghost is releasing on Itch and hopefully Steam once it's approved. It will be made available over on Itch within the next upcoming months or so. You can gain access to the beta once Itch is ready to go.


In the midst of a raging storm, you stumble upon a house hidden deep within the untamed forest. Drawn by curiosity, you cautiously enter the abandoned edifice, only to be greeted by an eerie darkness and a mesmerizing yet unnerving television screen flickering with static. Engulfed by the haunting atmosphere, your eyes are inexplicably drawn to a weathered video tape resting upon a timeworn table, its presence beckoning to you, tempting you to uncover its secrets.


Grabby Lust Ghost is a horror cooking experience, made especially easy to play for the one handed gamer. Just make sure you don't cause too many glitches, you might find a busty ghost crawling out of your screen!

  • Explore the contents of a haunted video tape.

  • Find glitches and break the tape to experience dozens of lewd and spooky scenarios, all professionally voice acted, and animated with care.

  • Combine scenes you've unlocked and design your own movies with the in game scene maker.

  • Dress your spectral sweetheart in a variety of unlockable outfits.

  • Listen to some superb cooking tunes.

  • Discover sinister recipes, devious riddles, and much much more!

More dev work is in progress! Stay tuned for another update next week!

That's about it for now, thanks for stopping by!

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