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Unity Apologizes + More, and also Breasts + Games.

If you are unaware of all the bullshit that has happened regarding Unity you can read this little article to get an idea of where things are at right now:

TLDR: Unity has reverted some of their strange pricing changes which means development of Beauties of Blackfall and Grabby Lust Ghost will go as planned.


I'm like 90% done with a very small parody game regarding the Unity fuck up. You can now experience exactly what it's liked to get "FUCKED" by the Runtime fee yourself.

"A game-changing pricing plan threatens to cripple your gaming career as the CEO “John Riccitiellmo” hires one of his daughters to be your new boss! Game developers must now pay an "installation fee" each time a customer installs one of your games, putting years of your hard work at risk!"

Runtime fee will be available to all for just $0.21! That's right! Just 21 cents and you too can get "FUCKED" by Unita.

Stay tuned for more on this little project!

Now that the Unity fiasco is settled it's time to continue work on all my projects!

UI changes have been made to make navigating the menus in Grabby lust Ghost a little smoother. You now can switch between TV channels easily with the buttons near the bottom of the screen.

In order to keep yourself stocked up on resources you'll have to squish some of the lesser spirits that appear from the spooky well on channel 4! It's as simple as clicking on them, but make sure to avoid the angry looking spirits, they might cause some trouble.

Remember to read all the instructions before interacting with spooky ghosts.

That's about it for now, thanks for stopping by!

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