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Wana Try Grabby Lust Ghost Right NOW?

Welcome to another weekly update. Lots of work is still underway, hopefully with the launch of Grabby Lust Ghost we can see some increase in support or we might be in a little trouble with funding but we'll hold out hope for a profitable future.

Grabby Lust Ghost first launch will not include all of the features I want to share but continued updates will include a few more things...

Planned Features:

  • More Animations. [With Climaxes] 

  • More Interactive Animations. 

  • Fully Voiced Dialogue. 

  • Movie Maker (Combine your favorite lewd scenes). 

  • Additional Secrets & Special Things.

  • More enemies to squish in channel 4. 

If you're a supporter I will be handing out a download link on both Patreon and Subscribe star for everyone to try out. Check the most recent post for a download link.

There's a few visual updates I needed to make to fix some graphics. Here's a preview of the changes I've made to some of the costumes Ella can unlock. 

[Outfit: Soda Jerk Ella]

[Outfit: Maid Mommy Ella]

[Outfit: Goth Girlfriend Ella]

[Stay safe, ghosts like to "suck"]

That's about it for now, thanks for stopping by!

CONTACT ME if you have any questions!

My Discord Name: Fleppyflepster#9369

Check back every Tuesday for new posts like this one.

~ Fleppyflepster


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